VeriSPLINT Webinars

Elevate your dental experience with the Whip Mix® 3D-printed Try In denture.

Elevate your dental experience with the Whip Mix™ 3D-Printed Night Guard

VeriSPLINT Webinars

Elevate your dental experience with the Whip Mix™ 3D-Printed Night Guard

Scan and Design Splints

Cory Lambertson shows you how to scan and design splints from 3Shapes E3 Scanner and Splint Studio.

Post Process Splints 

Evan Kemper and Cory Lambertson guide you on how to properly clean, cure, and polish the VeriSplint OS resin after the printing process is completed. With following their steps you will also be able to achieve glass like splints.

Design, Print and Post-process Splints using VeriSPLINT, 3Shape Splint Studio, and Asiga Printers

Are you ready to produce splints digitally? Join this webinar to learn how to produce the first ever 3D Printed 510K-cleared Hard Splint using 3Shape’s New Splint Studio Software! Bryce Hiller will cover how to design a splint using Splint Studio, how to print the splints on the Asiga Max 3D printer, and how handle and post process the VeriSPLINT OS resin ensuring you will meet the biocompatibility standards.

Printing Splints Tips & Tricks 

Evan Kemper and Cory Lambertson will show you how to use Asiga Composer to properly nest and print splints with Whip Mix VeriSplint OS Resin. Learn tips and tricks on how to achieve the highest quality splints possible.

Splints, Bites, and Guards, Oh My!

Today’s splints are devices that can now be manufactured by additive manufacturing (3D printing). There is quite a bit of discussion about splints, biteguards, nightguards, occlusal splints and the dental laboratory’s involvement in the manufacturing process. What are the legal obligations for the dental lab if they manufacture a guard with the Verisplint material from Whip Mix or another manufacturer? We hope this webinar will aid dental laboratories in navigating FDA waters for Regulatory Compliance.

Effective Bite Splints

More tooth structure is lost today to excessive bite forces than to decay. Properly adjusted bite splints maximize load distribution, and minimize muscle activity. Splints can be more than a protective coating between the upper and lower teeth. Through a little basic anatomy and case presentations we will illustrate how effective bite splints can be when their true effects are understood.

3Shape Splints

Learn all you need to know about new 3Shape Splint Studio software! You’ll find out how to upgrade to the new software and design a Splint case to discover its features and time savings.

Splint Design in 3Shape Appliance Designer

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to design a splint/night guard in 3Shape Appliance Designer. Once the previous preparations have been completed in either Appliance Designer or Ortho Analyzer, we will show how to make a new appliance, then cover the workflow for articulating the arch, designing the shell, applying a bar, and exporting for printing.

Common pitfalls and struggles that newcomers often experience will be discussed, as well as some design tips to help make your designing process as efficient as possible!

A Unique and Easy Way to Clean and Protect Removable Dental Appliances

Dental appliances can range from permanent fixtures to prosthetic or removable fixtures meant to help support, move, or even replace your teeth. These allow your teeth to work at full capacity while still remaining healthy, no matter the situation. The bonus to removable dental appliances is that they can be removed without a visit to the dentist’s office, making them easier to clean and care for.

Patients should be informed that if they are not properly cleaned, over time they may begin to smell, develop stains, and most importantly, shorten their lifespan. Learn how a new product enables the patient to easily clean, store, and protect all types of removable dental appliances including retainers, aligners, splints, nightguards, sports mouthguards, sleep appliances, and dentures.

In this course, the attendee will learn about:

Bacteria and how it lives on removable devices

Chairside Post-Operative Conversations

How adding special cleaning items can boost the bottom line in the practice

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